On, 6/30/2021, Governor Ducey signed the legislation which included our top priorities for this Legislative session!

·        SB1823, Funding for an additional 12 Veteran Benefits Counselors to Arizona Department of Veteran Services.

·        SB1828, the Omnibus Tax bill, with complete exemption of state taxation for military retiree pensions.

·        SB1820, $25M for a Veterans Home in the Northwest part of the state, to the Arizona Department of Veteran Services.

Your calls, letters, emails to Governor Ducey and state legislators worked!  Congratulations to all of you who made the extra effort to ensure that veteran priorities were continuously recognized by our state government. Feel free to give a quick 'Thank You' call or email to the governor and your representatives.

 Note also that the funding for Veteran Benefit Counselors and exemption for retiree pensions have been on our priority list for multiple years, demonstrating the value of persistence and unity within our veteran community.